We love what we do and so will you

As a team coming from different cultural backgrounds our diverse ideas are what makes us different in our approach to design. That gives you the customer a new perspective on creative solutions. We have worked with some of the biggest companies in Bahrain and the UK and are proud to say that with our experience you are safe in the knowledge that we will deliver elegant and engaging designs with added value.

Client satisfaction

At ink8 customer satisfaction is paramount. It matters not only to the customer but even more so to the business because it directly impacts on a company’s success. We operate at our best when you share with us your challenges and aspirations. That way, we can help solve complex business problems and minimise your worries, thus, making the whole process more enjoyable.

Defining your brand

Having the right branding can result in higher sales of not only one product but on other products associated with that brand. Brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company and how it relates to key customers, staff, and investors etc. We are happy to work with you to define your brand and have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the results you want, so you get the most out of your investment.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to customers’ ability to recall and recognise a brand under different conditions. In order to build brand recognition, an organisation must repeatedly provide consumers with a consistent visual or auditory learning experience. It helps the customer understand which product or service category a particular brand belongs and what products and services are sold under the brand name. We know that brand awareness is of critical importance since customers will not consider your brand if they are not aware of it.

Digital and web services

People are moving to a digital world, where we are constantly exchanging ideas and experiences online. Ink8 cuts through to bring you this digital experience in new and innovative ways, using websites, games, apps, social media and beyond. We can take your business further via a fully functional website which supports all the different smartphones around the world so you will never feel like you are not up-to-date. Through our connections you can easily get your message across.

Marketing strategy advice

A strategic plan is an important part of your brand communication. For a marketing campaign or promotion to be effective you need to have this in place. We can provide advice on a plan to give you an understanding of the market around you and to help you reach the full potential of the product/service you are bringing into the market.