BASREC Brochure

Founded in 1962, Bahrain Ship Repairing and Engineering
Company (BASREC) is one of the most prominent and
experienced of its kind within the region. Its rich history and
growth in the Arabian Gulf can be traced to its deterministic
commitment to its vision and promise of high quality deliverance
and benefits to all stakeholders.

2020 Basrec Calendar

Basrec calendar was designed with the intent to be used for
everyday work.
the calendar has different colors posted to help you organize
your workflow and different images to go with the dates of the

Sea Trade Exhibition

Basrec Sea Trade Exhibition, the stand was designed with Basrec
The Graphic takes on the Basrec colors and add a 3D look and
feel to the sticker on the exhibition wall.

Green Geo Earth

Green GeoEarth is a German company which produces an eco-friendly, revolutionary product, named GeoRevive®. They have a long-term vision, which contests current beliefs in normal water consumption in agriculture and landscaping. With their unique product and technology, they are able to bring life to regions where traditional farming methods have previously failed. This product can save up to 90% of the usual water consumption of most plants whilst guaranteeing the spread of green landscapes and aiding a healthier agricultural environment.

Their goal is to support ministries, landscapers and farmers to successfully turn public and private areas into sustainable green places where it was previously thought not possible.

We have been working very closely with Green GeoEarth to see their long term vision come to fruition in The GCC. Initially designing the logos to form part of a new brand identity, which we have applied to all their brand communication. We also developed a strong brand positioning strategy for them and we are continuing to come up with new media plans to increase customer awareness. GeoRevive® is product we are very excited to be involved with.


Naizak specialises in advanced wireless system integration solutions, network infrastructure and modern surveillance technology. Delivering reliability and service quality to end users.

As Naizak is a new company, we are in the process of working with them to create their whole brand identity.


maghateer Agriculture As part of our commitment to achieving social prosperity and economic prosperity in all regions of the Kingdom in general as well as provide the company Magathir agricultural education and guidance services, farmers in the Kingdom using the example of agricultural services in connection with the SABIC plant of Muqdadiya agricultural, including the […]