National day Instagram posts

A wide variety of postwar created for the cookie Stop national day 50 year anniversary Instagram posts.
To go on social media to create social awareness about the product and what are the offers that are being broadcast of dearing the celebration.

National the box

Cookie stop national day box was created for national day 50th year anniversary


The logo was inspired by elegance,
the line represents a soft touch and

BASREC Brochure

Founded in 1962, Bahrain Ship Repairing and Engineering
Company (BASREC) is one of the most prominent and
experienced of its kind within the region. Its rich history and
growth in the Arabian Gulf can be traced to its deterministic
commitment to its vision and promise of high quality deliverance
and benefits to all stakeholders.


The Frost Factory is an Omani frozen treat Cafe, The cafe was
designed to make the customer feel calm and feel good with a
bite of different types of flavors.