The logo was inspired by elegance,
the line represents a soft touch and


HAWAR is the pride island of Bahrain,
the island is surrounded by sea and the logo takes
the letter A.
From left and right to create a divide in the sea that is
represented with a different percentage of color 80,60,40,20%
with a red block to high light HAWAR.


taking the EMPC logo in a new direction with a red block to high
light EMPC to be in Helvetica lower case bold font.
The P is extended to reach the underlined name.

Bilaj Brochure

Edamah is upgrading Bilaj Aljazayer public beach and adding more facilities with the aim of turning it into a prime destination that offers additional lodging opportunities, leisure activities, sustainable retail shops, and innovative facilities and services.

Versailles Plaza

Inspired by European architecture, this French themed mix-use
development is designed to recreate the luxurious Parisian experience in this first of its kind project in Bahrain.

Located in the educational hub of Isa Town, the
development is designed to promote gathering spaces and
convenience shopping for the surrounding communities,
and aims to expand the “French” culture promoted by the
Alliance Francaise institution and further the experience of
the French café lifestyle.

Terminal Brochure

This project is carefully designed with an aim to offer a unique development in the area, standing out from its peers by providing two key components that drive Block 338; fine dining and convenient parking under one roof.

Housing 10 spacious F&B units with over 300 car park spaces, this unique structure stands as an iconic architectural landmark in the area reflecting the sleekness of contemporary design and warmth of the surrounding neighborhood.